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What Our Customers Say

“I got into an auto accident in Queens, NY that shook me up pretty bad - I was hit by an SUV on my driver's side door. Todd handled my claim very professionally and made the aftermath of the accident stress-free. They worked with the auto shop directly and I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket. I received a rental car while my car was getting repaired and it only took about a week to get mine back in great condition. I will ALWAYS recommend Todd Baumann to friends and family. ”

Alicia R.

“Easy to contact my agent and equally fast with feedback. Overall a great agency. ”

Elisa D.

“Always responsive service as well as provides consideration for the specific needs of the individual/customer when suggesting solutions to your needs. Great place to do business. ”

Enrico A.

“Very good!! I never ever had a problem! Todd you and your staff always there if we needed you to solve if any problem if we had any. Thanks Again! ”

James M.

“Always a pleasure to do business with Todd and his team. ”

Karla C.

“Baumann is the friendliest and knowledgeable insurance agency I have been used in past. They work and helped me to select the best policy coverage required for my home and cars, it was not an easy to switch insurance carrier, but they convinced me with high quality treatment and better overall coverage saving. ”

Mohammad D

“Great service. ... Very prompt in getting back and answering any questions that I had ”

Neil S.