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Disability Insurance

Being unable to work because of an injury is a stressful time. But if you’re hurt on the job or can’t work because of a chronic injury, and have disability insurance, you will receive compensation. You can even get this coverage if you’re self-employed. Disability coverage pays a benefit if you get hurt on the job. Your employer may offer some sort of coverage at a reduced price. There are various types of this coverage available.

Recommended for All Workers

Anyone who works in a dangerous job needs coverage. Few people ever think about getting hurt on the job, but it happens quite often. If you get hurt and are unable to work, then it can be financially disastrous. But disability insurance pays you when you are hurt on the job. You file a claim to show how much money you make and how much work you estimate missing.


Disability insurance can provide the help you need when you’re hurt. If you are self-employed, you can buy your own disability policy. But if you’re an employee, and coverage is part of your job benefits, then you already have coverage.