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Community Cause

Providing Hope and Relief to Children with Cancer

A new study released this year by the Centers for Disease Control has revealed that pediatric cancer rates are climbing throughout the Northeastern United States, and that New Jersey now ranks third for the number of cases of childhood cancer.

Baumann Insurance Group is deeply concerned about the growth of pediatric cancer in our community, and our agency is announcing a relief campaign to assist children in our area who are struggling with cancer or any other deadly disease.

Ambassadors for Childhood Cancer Survivors

The Baumann Insurance Group is one of the newest Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement, and we are choosing Somerset County as our home area. Our campaign is focused on improving outcomes for children with cancer in and around our community by working with other agencies and organizations that offer financial, logistical, and quality of life improvements for these children.

Thousands of children in our area and throughout our state are in need of assistance, and we simply can’t reach all of them without your help.

We Need Your Help

To help us reach as many children as possible, the most important thing you can do is invite a friend, loved one, or coworker into the Baumann Insurance Group for a free insurance consultation. While they’re here, we will happily provide them with details on our pediatric cancer campaign. And after they leave, we will send out a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local agency or nonprofit that works in support of pediatric cancer patients in our area.

Let’s Work Together

This campaign is your chance to make a difference for New Jersey children in desperate need of help and hope. Please join us, and let’s make lives better for as many as we can.


Todd Baumann

Baumann Insurance Group

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